Our Hummus

Hummus is love

Our hummus is made with the highest quality and natural ingredients, some of which are organic.
The main ingredients are: organic chick peas, tahini (sesame) sauce, organic garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

Our hummus recipe has gone through many phases and experiments to achieve perfection. At Hummuzz Foods, we take pride in paying attention to taste and quality; not profits. That’s why we will always make hummus with pure and natural olive oil; the way it’s supposed to be made.

When it comes to hummus, the texture is as important as the taste. You can eat hummus the traditional way; with pita bread, or use it as a dip with chips. This is why the texture and viscosity is extremely important. Our hummus has the perfect viscosity for all applications.
It’s perfectly crafted so it won’t fall off of the chips, and it’s creamy enough so you dive for the first dip without breaking a sweat. And the best part is, the viscosity stays consistent for a long time.

Best hummus in Canada

Biodegradable containers

Have you noticed? We use fully biodegradable paper containers, because we care for our planet. You are already doing your part by buying our products and saying no to plastic. Our containers have a thin food grade wax coat to preserve food, keep it fresh, and prevent any leakage. In fact the container itself is fully washable, go ahead give it a try; but after you eat the hummus inside first.


Hummus is an amazing source of plant-based protein and fibre, making it an excellent option for vegeterians and vegans. This savory middle-eastern dip promotes digestive health, and it is packed with antioxidants and many other healthy nutrients that may help combat chronic inflammation. Hummus has a low glycemic index, which may help control blood sugar levels as well. Hummus has several properties that can help promote weight loss, and helps you maintain a healthy body weight.

Nutrition Values per 2 tbsp (30g)