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You’re guaranteed to have the freshest and tastiest hummus.

Best way to enjoy Hummus

The traditional way to eat hummus is with pita bread, especially fresh from the oven pita bread. Not something you can find easily, instead we suggest heating up a fresh slice of pita bread in a microwave for not more than 15 seconds, drizzle your hummus plate with some olive oil and take a deep dive into the hummus. We won’t listen to your moans.

But you don’t have to follow any rules. Serve it as a dip with fresh veggies, spread it like butter on a loaf of bread or toast, sprinkle some shawarma meat or cooked chicken on top. Go crazy, maybe even spread some hummus over your pizza, or simply dig in with a spoon, YOLO (you only live once).

Hummus with pita bread and olive oil


Did we mention that our hummus is made with pure olive oil? Extra-virgin olive oil, directly imported from olive farms in Greece, to be exact.

*We never use canola oil like other companies do, canola oil is harmful to your body. 

We take pride in paying attention to quality, not profit; that’s why we will always make hummus with pure and natural olive oil. Additionally, the authentic, traditional hummus has always been made with olive oil.

Origin of hummus

The actual origin of Hummus remains unknown to this day, many middle-eastern countries have claimed hummus to be their own, and while they all have slightly different variations of hummus recipes in their respective regions, the general taste and creamy hummus delight remains the same. Chickpeas are abundantly available in the Middle-East, and hummus remains a main dish in almost every restaurant in the region. In fact, the Arabic word for chickpeas is hummus.